Photography in Wiltshire & London


Firstly thank you for looking me up. If you’ve arrived here in search of a different kind of photographer, one that’s not run of the mill, you’re in a good place and I hope I can help you.

What’s different about me?

Principally, I photograph people; people in business and at work for websites and social media channels. I also photograph social and corporate events, and I do children and family photography in Wiltshire and London and the South. But there’s loads of photographers out there doing this, I hear you say! So what’s different about me? The difference is in how I photograph people. How do I make them feel when I’m taking their picture? How do I get the results that I do when 95% of the world says “I hate having my photo taken”. Have a browse through the gallery and you’ll see that 100% of the people I work with have come to love it.

Getting to the heart of it

Getting people to shine in front of a lens takes experience and skill of course. Ultimately though, it means finding pleasure in connecting with people, listening and understanding what they want the photos to ‘say’, and working together to get the result.

It really doesn’t matter whether you’re a blue chip corporate, a solopreneur or a 5 year old climbing a tree; getting to the heart of how we live, love and work is a huge part of my job spec. It’s what I’m good at, and, hand on heart, clients tell me so.

Creative and imaginative

Whether I’m creating photography for websites and corporate social media channels or photographing families to capture precious lifetime memories, I’m striving for the same thing; to produce creative and imaginative photography capturing enthusiasm, skill, pride, warmth, love and joy.

If you want unforgettable photography, I can help you. Just drop me a message, I’ll reply promptly, or, if you’re not a million miles away, we can meet up to discuss.