About Me


I help businesses connect with people by creating powerful photography which gets to the heart of the business.

A bit about me and the way I shoot. I bring your business to life. I capture pride, enthusiasm, great products, the pleasure in giving a good service, happy customers and fulfilled staff. It's real and it's authentic, and people love it! Why? Because it has heart and soul. How do I do it? Well, 10% of my job as a Photographer is technical skill, and the other 90% is my creativity and bringing out the very best in people. It's what I do best, and hand on heart, 100% of my clients, even the most camera shy, say that they really enjoy being photographed by me.  

Have a look at the gallery to get a taste of the way I shoot. Better still, book your FREE CONSULTATION ON YOUR BUSINESS PHOTOGRAPHY  and discover how photography which gets to the heart of your business will put you ahead of the pack and get your clients connecting with you. Either skype or better still meet for coffee and cake if you're not a million miles away.

To chat, call or text me anytime on 075 323 84182, or email me here